Out with Summer, In with Fall

The smell of fall is in the air which only means one thing... college football season is near! I literally love every aspect of the season. Amazing social time with friends, exciting games, and most of all fabulous fashion! Don't get me wrong, I love the game and even watch it most days. However, I live for the fashion! Fortunately, as a Mizzou fan my fashion job is always easy. Who doesn't love a good black and good mash up?!? My mind starts working in overtime around June with tons of outfit ideas. I literally have to section off a part of my closet to store all of my ideas. Naturally, the first spot in this section is going to this amazing herringbone vest! It's lightweight enough that you can bring it out in early fall with a long sleeve and not feel too hot. But also light enough that you can pile it on with all your winter goodies when it gets chilly out. After a long day of tailgating, this vest will be your best friend on Sunday Funday! It will pair perfectly with whatever your little hungover eyes land on that day and you will look fabulous rocking it! Basically, you can't go wrong with it and you definitely won't regret it. 

 Cheers to football season, Ladies!


Go Cards!

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to St. Louis to visit our good friends, and of course attend a Cards game. One of my favorite things about summer is going to baseball games! There's nothing quite like kicking back in warm weather, brew in hand and enjoying a game. I find it incredibly relaxing because for just a bit it feels like time stands still. Win or lose, it's always a good time and definitely a summer must-have!

In addition to being excited about the game, I was OVERLY anxious to rock these awesome kicks! Not only are they a comfortable classic, they also add the perfect fashion twist to an otherwise casual outfit. As I walked into the game I felt like a million bucks, especially as I noticed people noticing my shoes.

Ladies, if you haven't invested in a pair of these shoes, you need to stat! Forget the lipstick, these shoes will turn heads!

xo, M


Ready, Set, Monogram!

I am so excited to introduce everyone to my world of monograms! I have always had a love for anything that is personalized and monograms are no exception. My obsession with sewing started around age 8, when I started making my own Barbie clothes. I definitely was not a pro and didn’t even own a machine, but that did not stop me from recycling old clothes so that my Barbie’s could be a little more like me…and a little less like everyone else! Since then, I have been sewing everything from Halloween costumes, to dog bowties, to jackets! I’d like to say my love for monograms started after I got married, but that is hardly the case. Getting married only made things more fun, because I suddenly had a reason to get all new stuff, (ladies, I’m sure you can relate)!" With so many monogram ideas floating around in my head, I knew I had to hit the embroidery machine to make my ideas a reality. As so my adventure began!! I am loving every second of this and cannot wait to share it with you all!
xo, M